Welcome to my Space Battle page

Sorry this game is not very phone friendly - best played on a tablet or computer

Open the console log to play
( thats opt + cmd + J if on a mac using chrome)

( thats ctrl + shift + J if on windows using chrome)

Or click view, go to developer, click javascript console.

(opt + command + K for firefox )

or go to tools, web developer, web console

Sroll to the top when opened.

Currently you have to type your moves into the console log - the enemy will automatically return fire if there are any left

You can type - or copy and paste commands from below straight into the console log window off to the side.

youHero is how you access your ship - (The USS Schwarzenegger)
The bad guys will have random attributes each time
They all are named al something
al1 = new Alienship("AL #1") ... al2 = new Alienship("AL #2") ... al3 = new Alienship("AL #3") ... al4 = new Alienship("AL #4") ... al5 = new Alienship("AL #5") ... & final "boss" ... al6 = new Alienship("AL #6")

You can shoot them with a laser (youHero.laser() ) - (weak but unlimited) or missles (youHero.attack() ) - (stronger but a finite resource)

If you are getting beat up you can have your engineers search Reddit for a way to fix your hull. This can only be used a limited number of times.

** Moves & Instructions Are Below **

To attack first ship with lasers use/type youHero.laser(al1)

To attack first ship with missles use/type youHero.attack(al1)

To laser or missle the second ship replace al1 above with al2

It is the same with subsequent enemies... al3 ... al4 ... al5 ... al6

youHero.laser(al2) ... youHero.laser(al3 ) or youHero.attack(al1) ... youHero.attack(al2) and so on ...

To check your hull strength (health) use/type youHero.announceHealth()

To repair your hull use/type youHero.useReddit() and your engineers will search Reddit for a way to fix the damage.... you only get to use twice

Please ignore when undefined appears in the log _-_ HOWEVER _-_ if your moves only return undefined then either you are targeting a dead ship or you have died please reset to play again (refresh the page).

Your commands must end with a () empty to fix hull or check your health ..... you put (the target) inside parenthesis to attack like above.

If you are typing correctly it should auto-complete to some degree in console log

Can you save the Earth and destroy all 7 nasty Alien ships ?

youHero.attack(al1) ... or ... youHero.laser(al1)

youHero.announceHealth() ... or ... youHero.useReddit()

6 missles 3 shield fixes to start

youHero.attack(al2) youHero.laser(al3)