Bob's Burgers Trivia

Being a huge fan of the show I wanted to make a trivia game homage to it. So here it is my Bob's Burgers trivia click and play game. All pictures are from and all gifs are from This is a general knowledge round of 10. There is also a character names only quiz in the works. There are 5 different ending gifs based on your score. Just pick which version you'd rather try below.

Answer 10 multiple-choice questions to see if you're a true fan of the show or just a passing fart sound from Gene's keyboard. The end gif's are the same for both versions but tied to your score.

A little background for non-fans....

Bob's Burgers is an animated show on the Fox network that first aired January 9th, 2011. It was created by Loren Bouchard and currently airs on Fox Sunday night as part of their 'Animation Domination' programming. The show revolves around Bob Belcher a middle-aged father who runs Bob's Burgers a restaurant they live above with his family comprised of his wife Linda and their three children Tina, Gene, and Louise. The running jokes of a different exterminator and business next door in the opening credits of the show harkens back to the joy of the Simpson's chalkboard gag from its intro. There is a movie coming out this year for the show also. To learn more about here is a link to the official show site.

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