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Showing off some recently acquired Java knowledge

Full Stack Web Developer & Software Engineer

About Me

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Full-stack web developer in both Java and MERN stacks whose educational background is in business and managerial sciences. I am passionate about problem solving and working puzzles out with creative solutions.


Georgia State University, BA Managerial Science, Atlanta, GA
Georgia Perimeter College, AS in Business Administration, Dunwoody, GA

Work Experience

IT Experience: 1 Year

Overall Experience: 20 Years


Hobbies | Passions

Contact Information

For all information, please contact Kiersten Kindred at Talent Path.


Software Engineering Skills

Git | GitHub 
Agile Environment| Scrum 
JavaScript Fundamentals: OOP, Modern ES6 Features, & Web Components
MERN Full Stack Architecture (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) Stack
MEHN Full Stack Architecture (MongoDB, Express, HandleBars, Node) Stack
MEAN Full Stack Architecture (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) Stack
Java /Spring Boot
Python / Django

Additional Strengths

Project Management
Heroku | GPC Training | AWS Training
Teamwork & Collaboration
Technical Written & Verbal Communication Skills
Microsoft Office Suite
Comfortable on Windows / Mac / or Linux machine
Integrated Testing

Talent Path Project Work

Code Compare

Independent educational SPA intended to showcase the similarities and differences of JavaScript, Python, & Java for a tip calculator, Pig-Latin translator, a ‘rock paper scissors lizard Spock’ game and more. Including how-to video series

code compare header

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS  
featuring snippets in: Java, JavaScript, and Python

Project Link: Capstone Repository

Deployed Site Link: live site

code compare rock paper scissors lizard spock

Pen - E - Pals

Independent full-stack CRUD application for people to connect as virtual pen pals.

Pen e Pals header

Languages: AngularJS, Spring Boot/Java, SQLite  

Project Link: Client Repository, Server Repository


Group ReactJS application with camera and background removal components to take professional pictures.


Languages: ReactJS
Roles: Styling, some Instruction Slides and How-to Video

Project Link: Headshots Application


Full-stack application replicating product pages of a popular shopping website.


Languages: ReactJS, Spring Boot/Java, Postgres
Roles: header, footer, styling, responsiveness
dynamic stars component, star chart component   

Project Link: Client Repo, Server Repo

Video Overview: Play-List Videos

Earth BNB

Full-stack application replicating rental listings pages of a popular bed and breakfast website.


Languages: AngularJS, Spring Boot/Java, MySQL
Roles: Listing images, modal gallery, things to do nearby 

Project Link: Client Repo

Server Repo

Video Overview: YouTube Vid


Learning Exercises with Java Projects

Java building exercises demonstrating knowledge base in Java testing and application production.

Projects and Links:

Visit Brian Loveless .com to find out more!