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My list of cool sites

This site is made of pure HTML and CSS code - there is no JavaScript, Bootstrap, or Handlebars & no jQuery cheats or imported templates. Just some free fonts from Google and free icons from Font-Awesome .

Just hover with your mouse on these cool developer sites below to see some more fun button effects.

  • You were just there ... you know it's pretty cool for a newbie.

  • WOW ... what a site this guy has. Hope to be at this level one day.

  • Another amazing site - by the guy who inspired Samuel Reed site above

  • ☟ A page by ⤋

  • Status dogs is a great way to visualize Http error codes.

    His "main" site is the .org above.

  • Mad skills on this scroll resume

  • There is alot going on here

  • What a cool page and designer

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